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published2 months ago
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This Week's Recommendations 💡

Sam Altman in Conversation with StrictlyVC: Sam Altman breaks down the latest in ChatGPT, OpenAI, and what’s to come with GPT-4. It’s a great interview, but if you want a quick summarized version, just read my Twitter thread:

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January 20th 2023

Meet Claude: Anthropic's Rival to ChatGPT: A company called Anthropic is building a product called “Claude”, a competitor of ChatGPT. The article breaks down the differences between Claude and ChatGPT. Claude has better understanding of its creators and ethics, but it’s also worse at code creation and reasoning that ChatGPT. The key thing to note is that we will continue to say more competitors to ChatGPT popping up. If any company can theoretically build their own “ChatGPT”, it’ll be a competitive market which will continue to drive the costs of access to AI down.

Perplexity Search Engine: Cool tool alert! It’s a conversation AI search engine, and I think it does a pretty good job at showing the power of what’s to come. We’ve all played around with ChatGPT, but it’s biggest limitation is that it doesn’t have any info past 2021 and can't search the internet. Check out the full power of it all here.

AI: Startup Vs Incumbent Value: As current breakthroughs in AI create massive amounts of new revenue and value across markets, the big question becomes: who will capture all that value? Will it all go to existing big tech business or will we see a wave of new massive startups capturing most of it? This is an awesome essay by Elad Gil that explores why AI startups have a chance to beat out big tech in this next wave of AI innovation.

Let's build GPT: from scratch, in code, spelled out: This is an awesome lecture if you’re looking to break more into the technical side of things. It’s by Andrej Karpathy, one of the founding members of OpenAI (it's like if you could take a physics class from Albert Einstein). You’ll learn a lot about the underlying technology of all this stuff. Worth a watch if you’re curious!

My Thoughts 🤔

With the ChatGPT API being announced, a lot of businesses are starting to think about integrating AI into their products. Even companies that are traditionally service-based are starting to explore ways to create AI-enabled products to scale their business. For companies without a lot of software development expertise, it can be very difficult to navigate.

My piece of advice: try to use the tools that are already available. The best approach is not always to go out and hire a team of developers to build something from scratch. A lot of times you’ll completely overpay for developers and end up with a cheap software product. Do your research and find solutions that allow you to build without starting from the ground up.

If you’re confused and struggling to figure out how you’ll build AI into your business, feel free to reply to this email. It’s a hard space to navigate, and I’m always open to helping businesses from my newsletter.

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