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Justin's AI Newsletter (Practical AI Implementation, AI Detector Fails, Spotify AI)

Published 10 months ago • 4 min read

Justin's AI Newsletter

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Hey friends 👋,

Greeting from Bend, Oregon.

It's been a busy week as we've been onboarding dozens of businesses onto CassidyAI.

At this point, I've had conversations with literally hundreds of businesses about their AI strategies, ranging from small real estate firms to Fortune 100 companies.

Patterns are definitely emerging. There are best practices for AI implementation and strategies, and I've worked with a few businesses that have truly cracked the code. Rest assured, I'll continue doing my best to share the key learnings right here in this newsletter...

So, let's dive in.


🦾 The Two Paths to Integrating AI in your Business

There are two primary categories for integrating AI into your business:

  1. Boosting Internal Productivity - In other words, figuring out how to make your employees and workflows more efficient, so you can deliver better results faster.
  2. Enhancing the Customer Experience - Exploring what you can offer on top of your existing products and services to make your customers even happier.

Focusing on internal productivity will help cut costs, while improving the customer experience will help you earn more.

Internal Productivity

In my view, it’s easier to start with internal productivity. Greater AI adoption within your team or even by yourself will lead to a substantial increase in overall productivity. The right AI strategy will turn everyone in your organization into a top performer.

Of course, figuring out the best AI strategy can be tricky. But, I think it’s important to not overthink it. Just starting to use AI tools and sharing them with your team can pave the way for in-depth AI integration across your organization. It’s crucial for everyone to have that “Aha” moment with AI.

At CassidyAI, we’re all about this mission. While we’re still slowly rolling out early access, we’ve been documenting our process publicly because we believe everyone can benefit from the thinking we’re putting into how to build features that truly speed up internal workflows.

We showcased our plugin feature that allows you to bring an AI assistant, custom-trained for your business, virtually anywhere on the internet. It’s been a game-changer for sales, customer success, and marketing teams.

(Check out the demo here. You can also signup for the Cassidy waitlist here)

The point is this: When integrating AI into your business, consider the workflows and tasks that currently exist and explore how AI could be introduced to enhance them. Never assume AI can't help--even small steps towards incorporating AI eventually become meaningful time savings.

Customer Experience

On the other hand, you can drive significant customer retention and growth by thoughtfully using AI in your products and services. This approach requires creativity, as it is not as simple as purchasing an off-the-shelf solution for internal workflow optimization.

AI-enabled features in your products and services could include personalized recommendations, an AI chatbot, or simple AI features that make it easier for people to use your product. The catch is that these features must be unique to your business.

For instance, Shopify customers struggled to optimize their stores properly, so their AI sidekick was developed to do it automatically. Another example: I recently spoke with a personal trainer who introduced an AI chatbot for fitness-related questions because clients struggled with guidance on days they weren’t seeing the trainer.

When considering AI implementation, think about the biggest pain points for your current customers. Why do people churn? Is something stopping them from using your product or service more often? What are their unmet needs?

It’s within these questions, you’ll find opportunities to enhance the customer experience using AI.

AI implementation is a two-sided game—internal and external.

My recommendation: Start with internal automations. How can you speed up your current processes? It'll also help you develop a deep intuition about what's possible with this new tech. From there, dive deep into your customer experience. Find the critical pain points, and explore how you can incorporate AI into your products.

Every business is moving toward becoming an AI-powered business—get a head start.

💡 This Week's Recommendations

🔗 OpenAI scuttles AI-written text detector over ‘low rate of accuracy’: OpenAI has shut down its AI classifier, a tool that claimed to determine the likelihood a text passage was written by another AI, due to its low rate of accuracy. In my opinion, this was inevitable. We are just going to have to come to terms that we will really never know if something is entirely human or AI written.

🔗 Spotify CEO teases potential AI-powered capabilities surrounding personalization, ads: This is one area of GenAI I'm really excited about. Spotify is working on AI-powered features that aim to contextualize and personalize content across the streaming service. The music listening experience will evolve a lot from AI. We'll discover new music that we love, faster.

🔗 OpenAI, Google, Microsoft and Anthropic form body to oversee safe ‘frontier AI’ development: OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Anthropic have formed a new industry body called the Frontier Model Forum to ensure the "safe and responsible development" of advanced AI and machine learning models known as "frontier AI." These models are considered to pose "severe risks to public safety," and the coalition aims to develop technical evaluations and benchmarks, promote best practices and standards, and collaborate with policymakers, academics, civil society, and companies to share knowledge about trust and safety risks.

🔗 Facing more nimble rivals, OpenAI won’t bend … yet: OpenAI is facing pressure from competitors who offer more flexibility in terms of running their models on non-Microsoft cloud services or on their own local servers. OpenAI's paying customers can only access their technology through OpenAI or through investment partner Microsoft, which has an exclusive cloud service deal with OpenAI.

Thanks for tuning in,


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