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The AI Wars: Google Strikes Back ⚔️

This week was a pretty incredible week in AI. We saw Microsoft integrate ChatGPT into Bing. The next day, Google launched their ChatGPT competitor, Bard. Microsoft's launch went smoothly, whereas Google's, not so much...

In a public demo, Google’s new chatbot showed an incorrect response. This mistake hit the Google stock, costing them $100 Billion in market value.

I created a video about how this was bad for Google, but great for you. Due to the threat ChatGPT and Bing pose to Google's core business, and this recent public embarrassment, Google is under immense pressure to quickly release powerful AI products in the coming months. This means we can expect to see cheaper, more powerful, and more impressive AI from both Microsoft and Google this year.

The AI wars are just kicking off.

“SEO 2.0” 🔍

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February 7th 2023

I talk a lot about the second-order effects of AI. Essentially, AI will cause direct disruption, but it will also create a multitude of opportunities in other industries.

The SEO industry was worth $50 Billion in 2022. Last week, the two largest search engines revealed the most significant updates to their user experience ever.

SEO is going to look fundamentally different over the next couple years. This is a massive opportunity for businesses and marketers to think strategically about how things will change, and capitalize early.

SEO is just one example. As AI continues to disrupt more and more, new second-order opportunities will arise. In other words, there will be many ways to take advantage of the AI revolution. Stay informed, things are changing fast.

This Week's Recommendations 💡

Why Every Fortune 500 business needs a chief AI officer: In three years, every business will be an AI business. It's critical that businesses have an AI strategy in order to stay competitive.

Generative AI: The Next Consumer Platform: According to VC firm A16Z, the biggest opportunities in AI are in Search/Product Discovery, Education, Relationships, Therapy/Coaching, Creation, Games, and Tooling for SMB & Commerce. If you’re building in AI, it’s interesting to see where investors think the best spots are.

AI Disruption Twitter Thread: AI is coming to take the jobs of doctors, lawyers, artists, writers, teachers, and any other knowledge-based roles. What are the repercussions going to be? Balaji thinks people will fight back against AI.

Introducing Gen-1--new AI model that uses language to generate new videos: Text-to-video is closer than you think! You need to watch this demo from the company RunwayML. It’s insane.

As always, if you're a business looking to figure out your AI strategy or how you can use AI to build a stronger business, you can always reply to this email. I respond to everyone.

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P.S. ChatGPT prompt of the week:

Here’s a fun prompt I came up with for Valentine's Day:

I want you to act as a poem writer that writes poems for Valentine's Day. I will provide you my favorite things about my Valentine's crush and their name, and you will turn that into a romantic poem for them.