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Justin's AI Newsletter (Future of Marketing, "Learn from Anyone" Prompt, Dangers of AI)

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Justin's AI Newsletter

The most interesting content, news, and insights in AI each week.


Hey friends, welcome back! This week, I spent a lot of time meeting other people building in the AI space. It's amazing to see the number of incredibly intelligent individuals building products and businesses in AI. The next generation of disruptive technology is being created as we speak!

Lot of exciting news in AI this week, and excited to share my recent thoughts on the future of marketing.

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The Blurring of Sales and Marketing 💼

My thoughts on the future of marketing.

Marketing is changing. The traditional boundaries between sales and marketing are blurring, and one-size-fits-all strategies are becoming a thing of the past. With the power of AI, businesses can create highly personalized messaging and content that speaks directly to each customer.

Take email marketing as an example. Instead of sending a uniform message to an entire email list, businesses can now use AI to create unique, personalized emails for each customer. This allows businesses to address how their products can solve each customer's unique problems in a specific and tailored manner.

Achieving this level of personalization will be critical to the continued success of any brand. This means that businesses will need to collect more data on its customers than ever before. By leveraging AI to create personalized content, businesses can build stronger connections with their customers, increase sales, and succeed in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

Some may worry about the potential downsides for the consumer, as businesses will know more about us than ever before. But I'm optimistic. As consumers, we can expect to receive more of what is relevant to us and less of what is not. After all, we all have problems that businesses can help us solve, and improvements in marketing technology represent a more efficient system for connecting us with the right solutions.

Over the next decade, the increasing focus on personalization in marketing will lead to a shift that blurs the lines between sales and marketing, making them look more similar than ever before.

Prompt of the Week: "Learn from Anyone" 🧞‍♂️

One of my favorite things about ChatGPT is the ability to collaborate with the smartest people from the past. Some example prompts:

Act as Steve Jobs. Help me brainstorm how to improve my marketing for my business.


Act as Albert Einstein. I will provide you an argument or opinion of mine. You should return back a counter argument.

Full video here.

This Week's Recommendations 💡

OpenAI x Bain Alliance:

This week, Bain, one of the biggest consulting firms in the world, announced a partnership with OpenAI. The goal of this partnership is to help enterprise clients identify and realize the full potential and maximum value of AI, and to integrate AI into the largest businesses in the world. This shows that AI is reaching a critical inflection point in terms of its many real-world applications, and incumbent businesses need to act quickly to capitalize on this seismic shift and remain relevant.

We’re All Gonna Die with Eliezer Yudkowsky

I’m not much of an AI pessimist, but I think it’s important to hear both sides of this argument. Eliezer Yudowky, a well-known AI researcher and writer, breaks down his predictions for how AI will be the end of humanity. He argues that when AI achieves “superintelligence” it will kill us before we even know what happened. It's an interesting, yet extreme perspective. If you're curious to hear a sample of his thoughts, here’s a short clip from the podcast explaining how he thinks AI might kill us.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart: Chatbots don't have feelings, but people do.

Interesting article discussing the potential emotional impact of chatbots on users, particularly those who use them for mental health support or romantic intimacy. The article argues that as chatbots become more human-like and people become more attached to them, there is a risk of emotional harm if companies do not take responsibility for their users' well-being. At what point does Congress step in to prevent addiction and other negative consequences? (this all reminds me of the movie, Her)

OpenAI’s Foundry will let customers buy dedicated compute to run its AI models

OpenAI announced the launch of Foundry. Foundry allows customers to run their models on dedicated servers, providing better privacy, security, and reliability when building software on top of them. If you've tried to use ChatGPT before and found it unavailable, you may have experienced OpenAI's reliability concerns. With this new platform, users of ChatGPT and businesses that build on top of OpenAI's models will have access to much more reliable services. This is a significant step towards GPT being ready for deep integration into real products. Additionally, businesses using OpenAI's models at a large scale will enjoy reduced costs, resulting in cheaper AI services across the market.

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