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Justin's AI Newsletter (DALLE Prompt Engineering, Google & AI, Being Early)

publishedabout 2 months ago
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This Week's Recommendations 💡

DALLE 2 Prompt Engineering Guide: I found this prompt engineering guide for DALLE this week, and it’s helped a ton. I find myself focused on the generative text side of things (ChatGPT), but generative images are just as powerful. Highly recommend playing around with DALLE and this guide.

Google Launches Text-to-Music: A Google research team has released their paper on generating music from text. There’s a lot of examples on this page, and when it’s released to the public, I can only imagine what will be created with it. I’d keep an eye on this because text to audio is going to disrupt a lot (…and text-to video is on the way too)

Google Calls In Help From Larry Page and Sergey Brin for A.I. Fight: More from Google…while they laid off 12,000 employees, they also brought back Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders of Google) to help with A.I. This signals to me how incredible AI is going to get. Everything is pointing to more and better technology being released at a mind-blowing rate over the next couple years.

The inside story of ChatGPT: This is a longer read, but is the tell all of ChatGPT, OpenAI, and Sam Altman.

Transformers, explained: Understand the model behind GPT: Have you ever wondered how all this stuff works anyways? Here’s a 10-minute video that explains what Transformers are (the model behind GPT). I don’t think people need to be Machine Learning Experts to build great products with AI, but having some underlying knowledge is incredibly helpful.

And finally, I dropped two great prompt engineering TikToks this week, so make sure you take a look at those Part 1 and Part 2.

My Thoughts 🤔

I've been getting asked this question a lot recently: "Barely anyone knows about ChatGPT yet, how can I capitalize on being early?"

My philosophy on this boils down to one thing: learn as much as you can. Being well-informed and up-to-date on the latest developments is the best way to spot real opportunities. Don't worry that you'll miss out if you don't act quickly.

AI is not a passing trend; it will revolutionize everything. Keeping this in mind, take a long-term approach. Don't focus on getting a quick profit; instead, learn a lot, identify long-term opportunities, and act strategically.

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