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Justin's AI Newsletter (ChatGPT Plugins, New AI Products, Bill Gates)

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Justin's AI Newsletter

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Hey friends, hope you had a great week. And, welcome to the ~1,000 new subscribers who joined the newsletter this week!

Before we jump in, my new startup was featured in Bloomberg this week. Through a partnership with our investor Neo, we’ll be working directly with Microsoft & OpenAI. It’s an incredible partnership for us, and I’m excited to share more about our product in the coming weeks.

I’ll be giving early access to our product to subscribers of this newsletter. Exciting things ahead!

ChatGPT Unveils Plugins 🔌

This week, OpenAI unveiled the ChatGPT Plugins, likened to the iPhone’s "App Store" for ChatGPT. This exciting announcement brings huge possibilities for both consumers and businesses alike.

For consumers, ChatGPT will now be capable of performing actions. In other words, ChatGPT will not only connect to the internet for information retrieval but will also be able to execute tasks on behalf of users.

Imagine just saying something like, "Book me the cheapest Wednesday night flight to Los Angeles, find an Airbnb near Santa Monica, reserve a table at a sushi restaurant, and text my partner when I arrive.” ChatGPT will then be able to carry out these tasks seamlessly.

For businesses, the potential is massive. ChatGPT is fast becoming the most popular product on earth, with the scale of its impact comparable only to the launch of the iPhone. The ability to integrate your business directly into ChatGPT represents an amazing opportunity to enhance capabilities and attract new users. Even for those without existing businesses, the possibilities are huge.

Consider how Uber was only feasible after the iPhone's launch. Building robust ChatGPT plugins presents a chance to tap into opportunities so transformative that they rival those created by the iPhone's debut.

It's clear that ChatGPT Plugins have the potential to reshape industries and redefine the way we interact with technology.

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March 23rd 2023

AI Product just keep coming... 🌊

It has been another big week for AI products. In addition to all the incredible things being built with ChatGPT plugins, here are some AI tools you should be aware of:

  • Adobe Firefly: Adobe has entered the AI game with the launch of generative AI tools that can generate images directly in Adobe products.
  • Google Bard: Google Bard has finally opened its doors to the public. I have been playing around with it, and it works quite similarly to any of the other Chat products out there. I bet we will see more from Google soon.
  • Microsoft Loop: Microsoft has launched Loop, a project management tool that syncs across Microsoft 365 apps and services, and looks incredibly similar to Notion. It has an AI copilot built directly into it.
  • Github Copilot X: Almost half of all code being written these days is generated by AI 🤯. Copilot X is their newest AI assistant. Software engineer job disruption is coming.
  • Runway Gen-2: This is not yet publicly available, but it will change a lot. Its “Text-to-video” demo is insane; check it out.

It’s important to stay up to date with the latest AI products coming out. Remember: people aren't going to lose their jobs to AI, they're going to lose their jobs to people who leverage AI better than they do.

I’ll be sure to keep you tapped in each week with this newsletter.

This Week's Recommendations

The Age of AI has begun: Bill Gates wrote an essay on where he thinks AI is headed. If you're looking to read something on AI this week, I highly recommend this article. Check out this quote:

“I’m lucky to have been involved with the PC revolution and the Internet revolution. I’m just as excited about this moment. This new technology can help people everywhere improve their lives."
- Bill Gates

Prompt Engineering 101: This article provides a detailed explanation of our current understanding of how prompt engineering works. It goes beyond just "ChatGPT prompting" and offers a valuable overview of how to approach prompting large language models.

Tutorial-- How to Create an OpenAI Q&A Bot with ChatGPT API + Embeddings: If you're looking to build a chatbot using your own data, McKay provides an in-depth tutorial on how to create a Q&A chatbot. Some coding knowledge is required.

That's all for now. Have an amazing week!



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