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Justin's AI Newsletter (ChatGPT Business Impact, 100k Context Window, Google Announcement)

Published 10 months ago • 3 min read

Justin's AI Newsletter

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Happy Sunday, my friends. Another big week in the world of AI...things never seem to slow down.

Let's dive in.

🔥 The Ripple Effects of ChatGPT & AI on Businesses

Last week, shares of Chegg, a leading homework assistance app, fell by an astonishing 40%. Chegg itself cited the impact of ChatGPT on their operations as the primary reason.

Similarly, Stack Overflow, the go-to question-and-answer platform for programmers, reported a 14% drop in user traffic during March alone.

Looking into the future, it's not hard to imagine even more companies grappling with AI-induced challenges in the coming year, some of which might find it difficult to survive as the landscape continues to evolve.

In fact, I predict that most businesses are not fully aware of the extent to which AI could disrupt their operations.

Even if a company is not competing directly with ChatGPT, they will face competition from businesses in their industry that embrace AI technologies. And trying to compete with an AI-powered company without being AI-powered yourself is, in all honesty, a lost cause.

So, it's crucial for businesses to start integrating AI into their products and operations in order to stay competitive. By taking the necessary steps now, they can take advantage of this technology and ensure a successful future in our increasingly AI-driven world.

⚔️ A real competitor to ChatGPT?

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May 11th 2023

Anthropic just announced their 100k Context Window for their large language model, Claude.

This allows for a lot more information to be entered into the model at once, with a capacity of handling 75,000 words in a single session. During a demo, Anthropic fed Claude the entire book "The Great Gatsby." After changing just one line, Anthropic was able to almost instantly detect the difference.

This development marks a significant improvement for large language models, as GPT-4's largest context window only supports up to 32k.

If you’re interested in more about why context window matters, read my blog post on the hope for a 1M+ context window.

🔊 Google’s Big AI Day

Google had a huge AI announcement day this week. Some highlights include:

  • Google’s chatbot Bard is now available to all with no waitlist. We're also going to see "tools", similar to ChatGPT Plugins.
  • Generative AI everywhere. They announced DuetAI, integrated in Gmail, Docs, Slides, and more. It will help users write, generate ideas, and more directly in the products.
  • AI assistance for Google Cloud developers - it will include two features that assist with writing code and answering technical questions.
  • Conversational Chat Experience. Google's search results will become increasingly AI-generated (see picture below).

In addition to these highlights, Google had some various other AI announcements. It's clear that Google is on track to onboard the next billion users to AI products.

If you're interested in learning more about my predictions for SEO, check out my video and other blog post here.

💡 This Week's Recommendations

Meta announces generative AI features for advertisers: Meta has announced an AI Sandbox for advertisers, which includes generative AI features such as alternative copy generation, background generation through text prompts, and image cropping for Facebook or Instagram ads. I believe that generative AI will revolutionize the marketing and advertising industry by enabling hyper-personalization. My prediction is that Meta will continue to develop AI-generated ads that allow them to run creative content that is tailored to each individual user. Imagine if every ad you see on Instagram is made just for you.

Wendy’s tests an AI chatbot that takes your drive-thru order: Wendy's has teamed up with Google to develop an AI chatbot that can take orders at its drive-thrus. By taking verbal orders from customers who line up at Wendy's drive-thru kiosks, the chatbot aims to reduce long wait times. Wendy's collaborated with Google to create a customized chatbot using the company's large language model, which is one of the first of many LLM use cases being implemented in the physical world.

Google makes its text-to-music AI public: Google has released MusicLM, an experimental AI tool that can turn text descriptions into music. Users can type in a prompt like “soulful jazz for a dinner party” or “create an industrial techno sound that is hypnotic” and have the tool create several versions of the song. You can sign up for the waitlist here.

Thanks for tuning in,


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