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This was a big week: The ChatGPT API was released, and major companies such as Snapchat, Shopify, and Instacart have announced their AI integrations. Let's take a closer look.

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The Only ChatGPT Prompt You'll Need ✍️

Here is a guide on something I like to call "meta-prompting", which involves having ChatGPT write the prompt for you. This guide breaks down exactly how to do it.

If you find it helpful, feel free to give it a like or a share. It’ll help the people in your Linkedin network know that you’re tapped into the ChatGPT world 🙂

The ChatGPT API? This is what it means. 🔌

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March 1st 2023

The ChatGPT API dropped this week, and that’s big news.

If you don't know what an API is, it stands for Application Programming Interface and it allows different software applications to communicate with each other, sharing data and functionality. In this case, the ChatGPT API allows businesses to integrate OpenAI's language models into their own software applications.

The big news is that the ChatGPT API is ten times cheaper than previously available GPT-3 models, making it much more accessible to businesses. As a result, more companies will be able to utilize it for their specific needs. Snapchat, Instacart, and Shopify are among the first to integrate with the new models. Over the next few months, we will see AI implemented in every product we interact with on a daily basis. We're one big step closer to every business becoming an AI business.

This Week's Recommendations 💡

How OpenAI CTO Mira Murati became one of tech’s most influential innovators - Are you interested in learning more about OpenAI and getting into the minds of the team behind it? This article provides an in-depth look into the journey of Mira Murati, the chief technology officer of OpenAI, and the future direction of the organization. An interesting read!

YouTube’s new leader teases AI tools that can virtually swap creators’ outfits and locations - Youtube is planning to roll out generative AI features, which is a major AI integration that I'm very excited about. If Youtube can provide powerful video AI tools, we will see a new wave of creativity emerge on Youtube, directly competing with some of the largest streaming services. Independent creators equipped with AI tools will be game-changing.

Generative AI's money game - This brief article provides an overview of how generative AI will be monetized. Although the ultimate monetization winners of AI are uncertain, in the short term, companies like Anthropic and OpenAI, who own foundational AI models, are likely to profit by charging others to use them for new applications. However, as language models become commoditized, the real profits may go to companies that build on the application layer.

LangChain Beginner's Tutorial for Typescript/Javascript - Highly technical video. However, this video explains Langchain, a powerful framework that makes it easy to build on top of GPT, such as chatbots and personal assistants. If you know how to code, this video is a great way to see the power of frameworks built on top of LLMs.

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