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Justin's AI Newsletter (CassidyAI Updates, AI Consulting, and Altman's Chips)

Published 4 months ago • 4 min read

Justin's AI Newsletter

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Hey friends,

If you feel like you haven't heard from me in a while, you're right. 😅

I've been heads down building for the past month...

This is the reality of running a company and being a content creator. Our company, Cassidy, is a team of 8 people now, we’ve been growing fast, and we’re starting to onboard more companies than ever.

It's a constant balancing act between diving into the weeds of product development and continuing to create awesome content for all of you. I only hit "publish" when I feel proud of the work I've done. And, honestly, I can only be proud of the work I put out there when I've had the time to really make it stand out.

If you haven’t seen Cassidy yet, check out our 4-minute demo of the product here. You can also see two popular use cases here:

1) Automating RFP responses.

2) Automating your cold outbound sales process.

You can also get access here.

Now, on to the newsletter...


🤑 AI Consulting (and how to do it right)

In 2024, one of the best AI opportunities will be AI consulting.

AI consulting is the process of helping businesses uncover opportunities to use AI to enhance productivity, optimize processes, and provide the necessary training and resources to make it happen.

But I keep seeing people make the same mistake when they're offering AI consulting. In order to help businesses, you can't just talk about strategy and give PowerPoints—you need to help them implement AI tools that generate tangible results.

At the end of the day, creating long strategy decks about AI use cases and how to prompt GPTs isn't all that valuable. Sure, planning, reorganization, and change management are important. But, for those considering AI consulting, a big focus should be on turning theory into actual practice for businesses.

To be an effective AI consultant, you need to actively engage in setting up tools, experimenting with new ones, building customized prompt libraries, developing automations, etc.

I know many of you have begun exploring AI services, and I'm excited about it. My advice: don't let your customers leave without providing them the necessary custom implementation and tools. Having a strategy alone isn't enough.

I want to support AI consultants as they implement AI. That’s why were setting up an exclusive partner program with AI consultants and Cassidy. It’s a way to get more clients, be a part of private AI community, earn revenue while sharing Cassidy, and help your clients actually implement AI.

If you're interested, sign up here: [Cassidy Partner Program]

🤖 Deepfakes & The Election

Two days before the primary's in New Hampshire, thousands of voters received a call from "Joe Biden" telling them to stay home.

And, this is just the start.

Fake videos and manipulated images of candidates, as well as additional "fake" robocalls, are all on the way. As this technology continues to improve, we're entering a world where we can no longer be certain that the things we say and hear are true.

Unfortunately, I believe this year's election is where we will really start to see just how dangerous misinformation can be.

But, I'm optimistic. I've heard of several startups working on precision technology to help determine if something is a deepfake. This is also where the "blockchain" actually becomes handy. It's a way to confirm that who said what actually said what they did (a little more powerful than NFTs 😜)

And finally, an underrated benefit of ChatGPT's popularity: it's dramatically opened everyone's eyes to AI's power.

AI's influence in the 2024 elections was inevitable.

Thankfully, more people now understand AI's power and are more aware of how it could be used in the wrong way.

So, as we enter into this year's election, let us not forget just how powerful this technology can be.


⚡️ Sam "The Chip Guy" Altman

"Whoever controls AI controls the world."

Nope that wasn't Sam Altman. That's a quote from Vladimir Putin way back in 2017. And it's scary to think how right he was.

Sam Altman is raising billions—so OpenAI can start building their own network of chip factories and can grow their stronghold in the AI revolution.

Not even the long-established FAANG companies make their own chips. This would also mean no more relying on Taiwan (which is in a precarious political position with China).

If Altman can build his own network of chip manufacturers, he'd be disrupting the entire industry. There's been a shortage of chips going on for quite a while—and Altman rightfully fears the shortage will get worse as AI becomes even more pervasive and AGI comes along.

Altman is in talks with everyone from Intel to Samsung to TSMC and Softbank for partners. But nothing is quite certain yet.

Keep your eye out for more news on Altman's chips.

🛠️ Tool of the Week

I’ve been having a ton of fun playing with

It’s an incredible tool that allows you to create songs with AI.

Here’s one I made for the newsletter… so much fun.

AI Quick Hits

  1. Sam Altman says there will soon be a 1-person $1B company thanks to AI. Will it be you? [Watch here]
  2. VCs Sarah Guo and Elad Gil talk the Future of AI Investing with Lightspeed Partner Michael Mignano [Watch here]
  3. AI lobbying by big tech down in DC spikes 185% in 2024 with increased calls for AI regulation. [Read here]
  4. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin wrote about how AI and crypto can come together and win [Read here]
  5. Amazon is beta testing new conversational AI shopping bot Rufus. Great name lol 🎅 [Read here]

Stay tuned for more next week...

Thanks for reading,


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