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Justin's AI Newsletter (Big Week in AI: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI Launches)

Published 9 months ago • 3 min read

Justin's AI Newsletter

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Hey friends 👋,

Happy Sunday.

What a crazy week in AI. The summer slowdown is officially over…We saw AI launches from most of the major tech companies.

This past week I was also featured in Amazon’s GenAI day. Here's a quick clip of me talking about AI adoption and what the next year in AI looks like…

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When it comes to the explosion of #generativeAI in the past 6 months, @JustinFineberg, founder & CEO of @Cassidy_AI says, “It’s been less about the technology and more about the adoption of the technology.” #AWSGenAIDay
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AWS GenAI Day is underway! ☁️ Check out some opening remarks from Howard Wright (@hgw1967), VP and Global Head of Startups at AWS, and then follow along as we post highlights throughout the event. Watch below. 🚀 #AWSGenAIDay
12:47 PM • Sep 14, 2023

Let’s break down the latest of what we saw this week…


🖼️ DALLE-3 is out.

OpenAI has announced the release of their DALLE-3 model, which is a major update to their text-to-image AI model. This new version will be integrated directly into ChatGPT.

From the early pictures we're seeing coming out of DALL-E 3, it's clear that the quality far surpasses much of what we've previously seen. DALLE-3 understands significantly more nuance and detail, and it doesn't require the same level of "prompt engineering" to produce the optimal output.

You can also access DALLE-3 for free in Bing.

🗣️ Amazon Alexa is becoming LLM powered.

Amazon just announced their new Alexa voice assistant will be utilizing LLM technology. I’ve been talking about this for months—Alexa powered by an LLM will 100x the power of these smart devices.

Expect the upgraded Alexa’s to be responsive to conversational language, have greater context awareness, and be able to complete multiple requests from one command.

📈 Google Bard gets an Upgrade

Google has announced Bard Extensions, which allows Bard to access relevant information from various Google tools and services such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and Hotels.

Bard is being deeply integrated across the Google suite. With other features like more languages, confidence checking, and its ability to take action, Bard is becoming an even more powerful tool.

👨‍💻 Microsoft finishes the Week.

Not to be outdone in AI product rollouts, Microsoft debuted their Copilot tool integration across their products.

video preview

The copilot will be seamlessly integrated across Outlook, Word, Excel, Loop, OneNote, and OneDrive. Moreover, it will be directly integrated with Windows 11, which means it will be built into the OS. You won't need to open a browser to access it.

What a crazy week…

Basically all the major tech companies (except Apple 👀) had large AI announcements.

And, in a lot of ways, I think this is just the start.

We're getting a glimpse of the billions of dollars being invested in AI product development by these large companies. These initiatives are only months old, and we can expect a continuous stream of new technology.

The arms race for enterprise and consumer innovations alike look like it's finally being realized.

Definitely stay tuned.

Thanks for tuning in,


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