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This Week's Recommendations:

Microsoft aims for AI-powered version of Bing: This is obviously a huge development. This move has the potential to seriously disrupt the search market, and could have major implications for SEO, digital advertising, and how we interact with the internet in general. I’m very bullish; significant changes like this open up new opportunities for businesses and users alike. And let’s be honest, in many ways chatGPT is already better than Google search. This is only the beginning.

Prompt Engineering Examples: I talked about in recent TikTok about how important “prompt engineering” is going to be. Prompt engineering is the process of crafting the right questions and prompts for chatGPT (or AI more generally) to understand and respond to in the most accurate and efficient way. It’s essentially how you program a GPT model to get the best output. This page gives a good overview on how you should think about prompt engineering. Becoming a prompt master, is how you become an AI master.

Advanced ChatGPT Guide - How to build your own Chat GPT Site: If you want to dig deep into how you can use chatGPT specifically for your business, this video is for you. It offers a comprehensive guide on how to use the GPT API in your product (heads up if you’re non-technical, this includes a coding tutorial).

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence: This article actually came out in 2015, but it’s easy to digest and does a great job of explaining the “artificial intelligence revolution”. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, most people had no idea what AI even was. Now, it’s not only blowing everyone’s minds, it’s also significantly improving people’s lives. It's truly impressive how much we've accomplished in a short time, and it's all thanks to our exponential rate of technological progress. Every year, the things we see will be crazier and crazier. It's safe to say that what we'll see in 2023 will be just as mind-blowing as chatGPT was. It’s a great time to be going down the AI rabbit hole…

Money Will Kill ChatGPT’s Magic: Right now, chatGPT remains free to use. It’s been an incredible marketing strategy for openAI; millions of people have used it. But, it’s burning cash, and at a certain point, OpenAI will need to monetize. From a consumer standpoint, I’m not too worried. The API seems like real money-maker, and as more and more corporations and businesses build out AI into their product, OpenAI will be able to make significant profits from enterprise revenue.

Bonus Article:

Meet the TikTokers getting huge followings by blowing people’s minds about A.I. and ChatGPT: I was interviewed in Fortune Magazine about AI and TikTok. I really believe this technology is going to change millions of people’s lives for the better. My focus this year will be to provide the best resources and community for people to learn and benefit as much as they can.

My Thoughts:

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January 5th 2023

This tweet went viral this week, and I think it's because it struck a cord with a lot of technologists out there. No matter how powerful the tech is, builders have to be extremely focused on the user. That is why I believe amazing product managers will be a hot commodity over the next decade. AI is how do we build great products with it?

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