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published2 months ago
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This Week's Recommendations 💡

2023 AI Predictions Thread: Here’s a solid Twitter thread on what 2023 will bring in the world of AI. It breaks down the businesses that are currently being built in AI, and what’s to come. I’m most interested to see how “AI Frontend Startups” differentiate. With many of these companies producing essentially the same output (Jasper,, how does one company become 10x better than the others?

Prompt Design & Engineering Lecture: I did some Youtube digging and found this really interesting lecture from Ashley Pilipiszyn (Former Technical Director at OpenAI). The video is over a year old, but it gives a great overview of prompt design and engineering. The fact that this is one of the best videos on prompt engineering on the internet and it only has ~9k views shows how early we are.

CNET is Quietly Publishing Entire Articles Generated by AI: If a major news site like CNET is using AI to write content, it’s only a matter of time before all major news sources are using AI to write their content. In my opinion, this demonstrates the increasing value of curation. With more content being generated by AI, we’ll need to look to content curators to help us find the signal in the noise. This is the exact problem I was working on at Reclists.

DeepMind’s CEO Helped Take AI Mainstream. Now He’s Urging Caution: We all know about ChatGPT from OpenAI, but “Sparrow” from DeepMind (a subsidiary of Google) could be coming soon. DeepMind is considering releasing its own chatbot, called Sparrow, for a “private beta” in 2023. Knowing what DeepMind is capable of, this is definitely going to put some competitive pressure on OpenAI by offering features that ChatGPT currently doesn’t have. It’s worth reading the article to hear DeepMind’s philosophy around AI. They are much more cautious about the dangers of AI…

My Thoughts 🤔

There’s a lot of hype around prompt engineering. And, I believe over the next 5 years, it will continue to be a critical skill. The people who can use AI best, will be the most powerful in the work force. I wrote a Twitter Thread breaking down some simple steps to better prompt engineering.

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January 10th 2023

However, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, thinks Prompt Engineering will be temporary. In an interview this past year, Sam said "I don’t think we’ll still be doing prompt engineering in five years... you will just interface in language and get the computer to do whatever you want.”

Ultimately, the interface will just be natural language. With this in mind, maybe we don’t need to go too far down the Prompt Engineering rabbit hole. The technology is improving to the point where explaining to the computer what you want to do will be as simple as explaining it to another person.

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